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Employment Law


In this economy, securing gainful employment can be a difficult task. That being said, some people are afraid, or nervous, to confront their employer when promises are not kept, or working conditions are subpar or even dangerous. It’s understandable! You don’t want to jeopardize your job, it’s what pays the bills and keeps your family safe and secure.


Don’t become a victim though! Employees have rights, and employers know that. Landers Law Corporation protects your rights. Remember, once you have hired legal counsel, the employer is on notice that you are unhappy with working conditions. If that employer retaliates and fires you shortly thereafter, a very reasonable suspicion arises that you were terminated in retaliation for seeking legal advice. This is illegal! Employees have the absolute right to defend their unique rights. Landers Law Corporation’s attorneys know your rights and will guide you through this sensitive process. Employers are not above the law, and you as an employee have a vested interest in the company. Our attorneys are here to protect that interest.

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