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Criminal Defense

One moment, everything is fine. The next, you receive word that your son, daughter, husband or best friend is being held in custody, charged with a serious crime. You have enough worries racing through your mind, the one thing that you and your charged loved one needs is peace of mind. Landers Law Corporation’s experienced and aggressive criminal attorneys can provide that. 

We understand the unique emotional and financial challenges that must be dealt with when you, or your loved one, is charged with a crime. We are here with you every step of the way, and promise you our undivided attention throughout this difficult period in your life. We know time is of the essence, especially if you have already lost your freedom and are sitting in a jail cell. We will not stop fighting until you win your freedom back and can begin your life anew! At Landers Law Corporation, our attorneys CARE about our clients, and that makes all the difference! We have fought charges in regards to wages, business, criminal and more.

We know your rights under the law! Years of litigation experience give us the knowledge and expertise to win your case and provide you with the most favorable outcome. 

Criminal Law
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